Darling Llama by Treaclemoon

'The first step towards beautiful affordable wellness at home'

our brand new range

a new dimension of treaclemoon...

The vision for 'Darling Llama' was one that was very powerful, unified and true in its approach...both in respect of creating beautifully crafted designs emphasising wisdom and devotion to mindfulness, but also within the product aromas themselves. Uniting this with our desire to remain environmentally kind, along with developing quality recipes makes for a passionate and extra sensual offering.

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'the buddha spoke softly, 'wisdom and inner peace begins and ends with your thoughts and leads to your spiritual sanctuary'

Complete natural wellbeing of Karma of Hapiness, combined with the gentle and luxurious fragrance of Lemon Balm and Rosemary helping to enhance mood, happiness and general contentment. Helps leave skin feeling nourished and sublimely soft.



'she took a breath and let go of all that she was, her mind was empty, still and just for that moment free of expectations'

Create your personal paradise through Balinese Escape with the sensational fragrance of Ginger, Coconut and Frangipani helping to free the mind from distraction and creating a tropical sense of wellbeing. Helps leave skin feeling revitalised and beautifully balanced.



'the free spirit of the islands and its playful seas gave her hope that a new path or secret gate was waiting'

Total Tranquility that is Peacefully Thai, combined with the calming, serene fragrance of Cherry, Jasmine and Clary Sage helping to relax, calm and help unwind the mind from daily stresses. Helps leave skin feeling smooth and full of radiance.