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All the latest news & reviews from treaclemoon HQ!


treaclemoon App winners - April!

Duncan Bush

Happy April! The spring is definitely a-springing, this month and we hope that we've added some extra sunshine, to the weeks of this month's #treaclemoonME App winners! 

We had so many great submissions, which were all popped into the treaclemoon shower hat, with the winners being drawn on Saturday....

Here's our first prize winner's creation - Amazing Cosmic Love! Designed and shared on our Facebook page by Hazel! How adorable is this poem... "How incredible, she thought, as she gazed at the moon... the world turns, the sun rises and the tides sway... and each night the stars watch as we sleep..." Hazel receives our top prize of £100 to spend on something happy! 

...And, claiming second prize to receive our magical unicorn mug is @taupesandsmokes from Instagram - we loved this little ditty on the front... "Close your eyes on a spring day, make a wish and blow the leaves away. if you set your spirit free, you'll find where dandelions roam free..."

...And last, but most certainly not least @JessicaJaneD_ , on twitter, picks  up our third prize - a big hamper of treaclemoon treats! Jessica Jane submitted this, which made us smile a lot... "The homework is done, the washing up is sorted and you've seen the in laws... now it's time for some me time..."

Our next draw will take place on the 9th June - so there's plenty of time to get creative! This will be the last chance to win our top prize of £100 for a wee while, so be sure to take part and share your creation! For full details about how to take part, please hop along to this page! 

treaclemoon #Gnomenate winners!

Duncan Bush

We saved our favourite job of the week, until last, today - and that's plucking out the names of our #Gnomenate winners from the treaclemoon shower cap! All the following #Gnomenations have been picked to receive a dinky, sweet bottle of our Honeycomb Secret bath & shower gel (for them and their #Gnomenated pals!).  The winners are...

Claire Muir and #gnomenated pal, Dawn Batey!

Gemma Lewin and #gnomenated friend, Rachel Birles!

Rose Darnbrough and #gnomenated Carol Ann Mclean!

Nessa Farr and #gnomenated Louise Milns!

And Christine Dowds and #gnomenated Lesley Urwin!

Marshmallow (capturing) Hearts!

Duncan Bush

We were delighted to see our Marshmallow Hearts bath & shower gel being loved by all of you. It's the sweet smell of marshmallows that take you to your childhood happy place... you know the one...

You can find our Marshmallow Hearts bath & shower gel at Tesco stores throughout the UK!

treaclemoon App winners - March!

Duncan Bush

Wowsers! The last month flew by (perhaps we were having too much fun?!)! We could barely believe that it was time to draw our March #treaclemoonME App contest winners... but here they are! 

Big congratulations to Louise Cox, from our Facebook page, as she has won this month's top prize of £100 - for creating this little beauty, entitled 'Fluffy Bunny Burps' with the treaclemoon App and sharing it with us on Facebook. The little poem reads:... "Hopping around the meadow, munching on grass and pretty flowers is the life of the fluffy tailed bunny..."    

And... this month's second prize winner of the #treaclemoonME App design contest, who will be receiving the bonkers unicorn slippers, is @lifebeautylens, from instagram, who designed and shared this beauty... "The scent always took them back to that summar. When the lemonade was fresh, the sand was hot and the ice cream was a plenty..."

And last - but most certainly not least - is this month's 3rd winner of our #treaclemoonME App design contest, picking up a lovely big hamper of treaclemoon treats. @four_leaf_meg on instagram designed and shared this beauty... "I'm going to a happy place, she said, as she felt the sun on her back and watched the shimmering waves ahead, whilst feeling the soft grass at her feet..."

Lovely! Thanks to everyone that took part - and keep your eyes peeled, as we'll be announcing the prizes for next month's draw, soon! Find out how you can enter, here

treaclemoon... a Zoella favourite!

Duncan Bush

Weeee! Look whose 'February Favourites' video our Honeycomb Secret bath & shower gel popped up in! This makes us very happy, indeed! 

If you want to hear what Zoe had to say about our beloved Honeycomb Secret, you can catch the video here (we're about 3:22 in)... Enjoy! 

treaclemoon #Gnomenate winners!

Duncan Bush

Right! Huzzah! We have pulled this week's #Gnomenate winners out of the treaclemoon shower cap...! Well done to Chelsea Goodall, who #gnomenated Mel Goodall! You will both receive some treats from us! Thanks to everyone for sharing and taking part, this week... Charles Henry Nelson will be back soon! Read more about #Gnomenate, here!

treaclemoon App winners - February 2016!

Duncan Bush

Feb first winner.png

Big congratulations go to @welshbybirth, from Instagram, today, as she has won this month's top prize of £100 - for creating this little beauty, entitled 'After the Rain' with the treaclemoon App and sharing it with the hashtag #treaclemoonME... the little poem reads: ... "After waiting for weeks the rain was like a welcome, longed-for friend, and afterwards the scent it left in the air was fresh and comforting..."

....And, taking second prize in this month's draw (winning a giant, inflatable doughnut!) is Victoria Griffin, from Facebook's, creation - Scrummy Birthday Cake. Victoria created and shared her idea with us on our Facebook page and we love the little ditty on the front of the bottle: "... The room filled with tiny lights and a joyful song... smiles appeared on everyone's faces. What a scrummy, yummy cake."

And last, but certainly not least, @VictoriaWallen1, from Twitter, has won the third prize in this month's draw - a lovely hamper of treaclemoon treats - with the creation that she made and shared with the hashtag #treaclemoonME. Very apt for the month of February, Victoria's creation is called My Forever Valentine, and the little ditty on the front of the bottle simply reads: ... I love you more today than yesterday... but not as much as tomorrow..." Lovely :-) 

If you want to take part in next month's draw, we've another top prize of £100 to give away and we can't wait to see your ideas. Find out more about how to get involved, visit here!


treaclemoon #Gnomenate winner!

Duncan Bush

Weee! This week's #gnomenations have been drawn from the treaclemoon shower cap and we can reveal that Mel Tapp and her lucky #Gnomenated, Darren Tapp, are the winners of some treaclemoon treats!

If you want to know more about #Gnomenate, have a quick swizz here and keep an eye out for Charles Henry Nelson on our Facebook page! 

That Vanilla Moment launches in Germany!

Duncan Bush

This week sees the launch of our popular That Vanilla Moment, in Germany!  Do you like the special edition design on the bottle! - Let us know if you would like to see this on UK bottles! 

... Pic courtesy of @marietheresschindler on Instagram! 

Nothing beats the scent of baby powder...

Duncan Bush

Nothing beats the iconic scent of Baby Powder - the inspiration behind our new Gentle Powder Love bath & shower gel (why should babies have all the fun, eh?!)... Comforting, relaxing and skin-softening, whether lathered up in the shower, or used to create masses of bubbles in the bath! 

#treaclemoonME inspiration...

Duncan Bush

Need some inspiration for your creations on our new App? ... Look no further than the gallery (accessible via the treaclemoon App). There are some truly fabby ideas popping up on here - plenty for us to consider turning into a real life product, next year! 

Tell us which ones you like the best, and don't forget to share your own creations with us to be in with a chance of winning prizes, this month! 

Find out more about our new App, here!

Look here! A massive, inflatable doughnut!

Duncan Bush

inflatable donut.png

And it could be yours, because it's this month's 2nd prize on our #treaclemoonME tombola draw! 

Create a design, (find the treaclemoon App in the App store), share it to our Facebook page or on twitter and/or instagram with the hashtag #treaclemoonME - and you will be automatically entered! The top prize is £100 cash, and as well as this inflatable friend, there's also a big hamper of treaclemoon goodies to be won! 

To learn more about our new App and how to get involved, visit here!

Win £100 with the new treaclemoon App!

Duncan Bush

Don't forget! Download our new treaclemoon App (search for it in the App store - available on iOS and Android!) , create your dream treaclemoon product, share it with us with the hashtag #treaclemoonME or on our Facebook page - and you could WIN £100 to spend on a happy day out, a brilliant treat - or anything you fancy! 

Read more about our new App and how to get involved, here!

treaclemoon #Gnomenate winners!

Duncan Bush

Congratulations to Ruth Wollerton and her #gnomenated pal, Maria Morse, who have been plucked from the treaclemoon shower cap to win some goodies from us! 

Ruth '#gnomenated Maria for being a smashing friend... and because of her kind #gnomenation, Ruth will also receive from treats from treaclemoon. 

If you want to know more about #Gnomenate, have a quick swizz here and keep an eye out for Charles Henry Nelson on our Facebook page! 

the treaclemoon #BeYou Project... because there's no other you quite like you...

Duncan Bush

Our #beyou campaign supports the wonderful charity 'Bullies Out'; giving support to the Bullied, the Bully and the Bystander. There's every single reason to want to spread the love and help all those involved in bullying.

BulliesOut Young Ambassadors help to raise awareness of bullying in their local areas by delivering talks, distributing information, organising fundraisers and attending events on behalf of BulliesOut, and have access to training, skills-based activities and a positive, supportive community of coordinators and young people from all over the UK, all of whom are passionate about the anti-bullying message and want to get their voices heard. If you, or someone you know thinks that they might like to get involved with this positive, inspiring work, get in touch with BulliesOut directly at this link

Don't forget that you can support the work of BulliesOut by taking part in our #BeYou Project or buying some of our #BeYou merchandise


Our first treaclemoon App draw - winners!

Duncan Bush

Big congrats to Kirsty Jones - a fan on our Facebook page - who has won this month's top #treaclemoonME prize of £100 (to spend on something 'happy' of her choosing), for sharing her App creation, 'Ahh! Alien Awesomeness!'... Whizzing past planets, not far from the moon, amongst the fizz of the afternoon... Beside citrus comets and sparking stars, the awesome aliens are...

And a very well done to Natasha Peters - a fan on our Facebook page - who has won our 2nd #treaclemoonME tombola prize: a big hamper of treaclemoon goodies. Natasha shared her creation, 'Festive Citrus Spice'... Bubbles danced and popped, releasing the rich scent of oranges studded with the water fizzed, the bubbles continued to play...

Finally, last but not least, by any stretch of the imagination, @KateW2785 has won our #treaclemoonME third prize, this month - a rubber duck! (we'll also throw in a few treaclemoon goodies!). Kate shared her App creation, 'Your Twinkling Star'... Star bright, star light, the only star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this bubble star tonight...

For information on how to use our new treaclemoon App, where to find it - and how to take part in next month's draw, click here!  

treaclemoon #Gnomenate winners!

Duncan Bush

Congratulations to Jennifer Howell and her #gnomenated fellow Howell, Tracy Howell! Having #gnomenated Tracy this weekend (after spotting this evidence that Charles Henry Nelson had a very happy New Year's Eve!), Jennifer's name popped out of the treaclemoon shower cap, this afternoon and some treaclemoon treats will thus forth be winging their merry way over to you both. 

If you want to know more about #Gnomenate, have a quick swizz here and keep an eye out for Charles Henry Nelson on our Facebook page! 

£1 off all our lovely gifts at Tesco

Duncan Bush

Perfect for last-minute stocking fillers, end-of-term-teachers'-presents and for keeping under the tree in case of awesome, surprise guests over the festive period, all treaclemoon gifts are on offer at the moment at Tesco! Pick up a couple with your mince pies, this week :-)